Our Specialty Services Include the following:



We Specialize in TRUE Restoration

We restore the beauty of your chimney, adding new functional features, while Maintaing the ORIGINAL historic beauty using period correct materials.  

Level 2 Camera Inspections:

Camera inspection of the inside chimney system.  Real Esate Transactions are required to have a camera inspection and Ely Stokes, Inc, has you covered.  


Refractory Panels:

Inside lining to a prefabricated or zero clearance fireplace.  When these develop cracks around 1/4" or large enough for a coin to fit in, they need to be replaced prior to fireplace use.  


Chimney Caps:

A stainless steel chimney cap with animal guard will help keep out animals, birds, leaves and debris.  In addition, it will help keep out rain which can deteriorate the liner and firebox, leading to costly repairs.    

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