Our Specialty Services Include the following:



We Specialize in TRUE Restoration

We restore the beauty of your chimney, adding new functional features, while Maintaing the ORIGINAL historic beauty using period correct materials.  

 Chimney Cleaning: 
By our Certified Chimney Sweeps.  Your fireplace should be cleaned or inspected once a year to make sure of safety and proper function.  Creosote, a highly combustible by-product, can ignite a destructive or life threatening chimney fire.  Cleanings also increase draft and reduce odors.  If your chimney does not need cleaned, we will not clean it.  We always wear booties, use drop cloths & a vacuum.
Apartment Chimney Cleanings available at a discounted rate, call for pricing.

Gas Logs:

We install new gas logs, vented or vent free.  We also can service your existing log set and add new media to make it look like new.
**We stand out from the rest as we can inspect and or clean BEFORE your set is installed.
Stop in to see our burning displays! 


We grind out old mortar joints and replace with new color matched mortar.

Chase Covers:

A rusty chase cover can let in water causing more damage and expense to your fireplace, liner & damper.  

Ely Stokes, Inc. will install a stainless steel chase cover on your pre fabricated fireplace chimney which contains a drip edge and cross break.  

A chase cover is INTENDED for a Prefabricated fireplace only.


Masonry Restoration:
Full Service masonry.  From new construction, patios, sidewalks, driveways, chimneys, brick, block, stone and concrete, let our highly trained and skilled experts fullfill ALL your masonry & concrete needs.

Level 2 Camera Inspections:

Camera inspection of the inside chimney system.  Real Esate Transactions are required to have a camera inspection and Ely Stokes, Inc, has you covered.  


Mortar Crowns:

A Square mortar crown constructed for a Masonry Chimney and Fireplace which contains a drip edge to divert the water away from the brick below is recommend by the Brick Institute of America.  

Chimney Liners:

When a clay flue tile is damaged or has gaps in between the liners, this is a safety concern.  We will install a stainless steel liner for your fireplace or an aluminum liner for your furnace and or water heater flue of the appropriate size to ensure proper safety and function.  

Chimney Restoration:
We take pride in chimney rebuilding.  We make sure we rebuild it using the same features, but typically better ones than the previous chimney.  Your chimney will be functional and aesthetically appealing.  We specialize in historic restoration.  

Gas to Wood & Wood to gas Conversion:

Let us convert your gas fireplace to a wood burning fireplace.  Or if you would like the ease of a gas fireplace, we can install one for you.

Chimney Repair

Water Leak Resolution:

Water Leaks can cause interior damage to the chimney and to the home.  Have us out to diagnose a water leak and perform the proper repairs.  


Create a tight seal at the top of your chimney and keep energy in the home. The top sealing chimney damper is designed to stop cold air from coming down the flue, and expensive conditioned air from going up.

Refractory Panels:

Inside lining to a prefabricated or zero clearance fireplace.  When these develop cracks around 1/4" or large enough for a coin to fit in, they need to be replaced prior to fireplace use.  


Gas & Wood Inserts:

We install wood burning inserts, direct vent gas fireplaces and inserts.  Install the most efficient appliance in your home.




Chimney Caps:

A stainless steel chimney cap with animal guard will help keep out animals, birds, leaves and debris.  In addition, it will help keep out rain which can deteriorate the liner and firebox, leading to costly repairs.